Kiilto Fibergum Primer

Adhesive dispersion for waterproofing mastic

Adhesion dispersion for improving the adhesion of Kiilto’s floating waterproofing mastics on suitable screed, concrete and construction board surfaces in wet rooms. Water based.

Special features

  • Adhesive dispersion of Kiilto waterproofing mastic Fibergum
  • orange color makes application easier
  • water based

Adhesive dispersion for indoor waterproofing mastic.


Instructions for use

Cement adhesive, residues of surface covering materials, sanding dust, loose particles and lubricants are removed from the base surface. If necessary, grind or roughen with the appropriate tool. The adhesive dispersion must be applied to the surface in as thin and uniform a layer as possible, for example with a brush, brush or roller. The waterproofing mast must be firmly rolled onto the substrate. Before applying the waterproofing mastic, the adhesive dispersion layer must be dry. Before starting the work, you must familiarize yourself with the Kiilto waterproofing work instructions.