Kiilto Lattiakaivovahvike Fibre- reinforcement sheet

Fibre-reinforcement sheet for reinforcing and sealing floor drains. Used with Kiilto Kerafiber waterproofing membrane.


Instructions for use

Ensure the tightness of the floor drain inlet by installing two fibre-reinforcement sheets diagonally. First, place one fibre-reinforcement sheet on the floor and cover it with the waterproofing membrane. Immediately press the second sheet diagonally on the first one and apply a new layer of the waterproofing membrane. Apply waterproofing membrane around the floor drain on an area of 40x40 cm, turn the pair of fibre-reinforcement sheets over and place them on the drain.

When the waterproofing membrane is dry, cut a hole in the middle of the drain that is approx. 40 mm smaller than the drain's outside diameter. Ensure that the sheet’s edge covers the gasket inside the drain.

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