Kiilto LH


A polymer based finishing plaster for interior walls and ceilings in dry areas. Also for textured ceilings. Max. layer thickness in over plastering is 2 mm.

Special features

  • polymer based, light-coloured
  • for finishing wall and ceiling surfaces, textured ceilings
  • coverage 1.2 kg/m²/mm
  • coatable: 2 mm/1 d
  • dry interior areas

Kiilto LH is an adhesive based wall plaster for dry indoor wall and ceiling surfaces. Suitable also for spray plastering of ceilings. Rough surfaces have to be plastered first with Kiilto TT, Kiilto SK or Kiilto LK –wall plasters, depending on the filling need. The finished surface can be painted or furnished with wallpaper. Painting the surface is recommended before wallpapering. Not suitable under ceramic tiles and wall vinyl.


Instructions for use

The surfaces to be plastered must be clean, dry and free from dust. A new coat should not be applied until the previous one is dry. If needed, the surface should be carefully sanded and cleaned before applying a new plaster coat.

Strew Kiilto LH powder slowly in cool (+18 °C), clean water constantly stirring until a smooth, even mass is formed. Let the mix mature for approx. 15 min and then remix once again. Apply the plaster by hand with a steel trowel or spray with a spraying gun for plasters. Also, the sprayed coat should be levelled by hand with a steel trowel. If left over plaster is saved for the next day, the container should be covered carefully to avoid drying.

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