Kiilto Pro Clear

Transparent adhesive

A clear and elastic adhesive sealant for interior and exterior use. Easy to apply. Can be used for eg. fixing toilet seats, mirrors and glass tiles. Suitable also for natural stone and movement joints. One-component.

Special features

  •  Good initial tack, clear, elastic
  •  For gluing and sealing
  •  Coverage 5 x 5 mm joint, approx. 12 m/cartridge
  •  Drying time 3 mm/d, approx. 10 mm/7 d
  •  For indoor and outdoor use

One-component Kiilto Clear adhesive is a clear, elastic sealant based on silyl polymer technology. Suitable for fixing and sealing in- and outside. Suitable for applications that need fast curing, e.g. vehicle bodies (cars, boats and mobile homes), linings, construction boards and movement joints exposed to mechanical wear.

Instructions for use

Materials to be used must be dust-free, dry and free from grease and oil. Good adhesion on various stones, concrete, most metals, wood, glass and glazed surfaces as well as epoxy and polyester surfaces. With plastic materials adhesive tests are recommended prior to actual use. Cut open the cone at the front end of the cartridge. Screw the extrusion tip in place and cut it to appropriate size to fit the joint width. Apply adhesive with a manual or compressed air pistol, and smooth with a trowel to desired shape, if needed. Apply adhesive in stripes and smooth with a trowel, if needed. Close the package carefully after use. Uncured product can be removed with xylene or acetone. Cured product can be removed only mechanically. Under extreme climatic conditions KiiltoFix Clear may slightly change its colour. Not recommended to be used for glazing (fixing glass or sealing glass in window frames).