Kiilto Pro Fix Primer


Ready-mixed special primer suitable especially for non-absorbent wall- and floor surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas.

Special features

  • water-based
  • fast drying
  • for indoor and outdoor areas

A water-based sand-containing primer. Improves adhesion prior to levelling or tiling. Suitable for dense wall and floor surfaces in indoor and outdoor areas.
Suitable for priming of
- Non-absorbent substrates, e.g. ceramic tiles, painted or PVC-surfaces and painted or PVC-coated steel sheets (e.g. prefabricated ‘sheet metal bathrooms’). Prior to priming, remove any wax, grease and dirt from the surface to be tiled using an alkaline cleaner and rinse thoroughly. After the surface has dried, sand it, if necessary, and remove the sanding dust.
- Dense, firm and free-from-dust concrete and cement-based levelling substrates (prevent capillary moisture absorption to the substrate) Remove cement laitance, dust, loose dirt and grease. If needed, sand the surface.
- Gypsum board, plywood and chipboard.

The primer has good moisture resistance. Due to its viscous consistency the primer stays well on vertical surfaces and does not splash much. Builds a proper bond between the surface and the smoothing/levelling compound. Alkalinity of cement does not impair the effect of the primer. Not suitable to be used as an additive to levelling compound.

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