Kiilto Pro J

Jointing plaster

A ready-mixed plaster for fixing and smoothing reinforcing tapes and edge profiles to gypsum plasterboards in dry interior walls and ceilings. Tape can be fixed by hand or machine.

Special features

  • Light colour, good filling capacity
  • Suitable also for finishing the substrate prior to wallpapering or painting
  • Filling capaxity max. 2 mm
  • Coverage 1 l/m²/mm
  • Drying time approx. 1-2 h/mm

Kiilto J is a water-soluble ready-mixed joint plaster for fixing reinforcing tapes to gypsum board plates and levelling interior walls and ceilings in dry areas. Suitable also for finishing the substrate prior to wallpapering or painting. The finished surface can be levelled, painted or furnished with wallpaper. We recommend painting the surface before wallpapering to aid future removal. Complies with the requirements of EN 13963:2005 and EN 15824:2009 standards.


Instructions for use

The surfaces to be plastered must be clean, dry and free from dust. A new coat should not be applied until the previous one is dry. If needed, the surface should be carefully sanded and cleaned before applying a new plaster coat.

Kiilto J is a ready-mixed plaster. After long storing, stir before use. The product can be diluted with water, if needed. Fixing of reinforcing tapes: Apply the plaster in joint and press the tape firm in plaster with a narrow steel trowel. After that smooth the joint by applying plaster over the reinforcing tape using a broad steel trowel. After drying the surface can be sanded, if necessary. If the board edges are not thinned, smooth the plaster widely enough outside the joint to have a smooth finish. In this case also the edges of the gypsum board are tapered.

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