Kiilto Pro LW

Lightweight plaster for wet areas

A moisture-proof ready-mixed plaster for smoothing walls and ceilings in dry and wet areas. Provides a suitable surface for waterproofing, tiling and painting as well as fixing gypsum plasterboard reinforcing tape in wet areas.

Special features

  • Very good filling capacity max. 4 mm
  • Light to sand
  • Suitable for over levelling Kiilto Airblock sealing products on wall surfaces
  • Coverage 1 l/m²/mm
  • Drying time approx. 1-2 h/mm

Kiilto LW is waterbased, ready-mixed universal plaster. The plaster provides suitable surface for waterproofing, tiling or painting. Complies with the requirements of EN 13963:2005 and EN 15824:2009 standards.

Instructions for use

The surfaces to be plastered must be clean, dry and free from dust. A new coat should not be applied until the previous one is dry. If needed, the surface should be carefully sanded and cleaned before applying a new plaster coat.

When fixing reinforcing tapes, apply the plaster in the joint and press the paper tape firmly in the plaster. Smooth the joint by applying a second plaster layer using a broader steel trowel. After drying the surface can be easily sanded.

Kiilto LW is a ready-mixed plaster. After long storing, stir before use. If needed, the plaster can be thinned with a small amount of water. The plaster is applied with a steel trowel.

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