Kiilto Pro Sanitary Silicone

Sanitary silicone

M1-classififed low odour neutral silicone sealant for sealing expansion joints, junctions between walls and floors and other material boundaries and penetrations in wet areas. Contains antifungicide. Also outdoors.

Special features

  • thermal resistance +120 °C
  • contains antifungicide
  • low odour
  • not overpaintable
  • for interior and exterior use

Kiilto Pro Sanitary Silicone is a one-component neutral silicone. Complies with the requirements EN 15651-3:2012 standard. Not for aquariums or natural stone, eg. marble. For mounting mirrors and toilet seats we recommend Kiilto Masa. When installing single small tiles and higher thermal resistance is needed (+150 °C), you can use grey silicone.

Instructions for use

The surface to be jointed must be dry, free from dust and grease. Solid foam plastic profile can be used as joint bottom filler.

Unscrew the cap from the extrusion tip. Cut open the cone at the front end of the cartridge. Screw the extrusion tip in place and cut it to the desired size. Press silicone to the joint and smooth it immediately
by using a trowel or fingertip moistened with clean water. Leave the extrusion tip in place and close the cartridge with the cap properly after use. To facilitate cleaning, apply, for example, masking tape on
both sides of the joint. Remember to remove the tape right after application.

When renewing silicone joints, the old silicone must be removed. Inaddition, remove mold spots, if any, with e.g. Kiilto Kodin Klorite according to instructions.

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