Kiilto Pro Tile Grout

Tile grout

Universal grout for tiles and clinker in walls and floors. CG2-class, wide range of colors.

Special features

  • long working time, wide range of colours
  • grouting wall and floor tiles
  • coverage approx. 1 kg/m² depending on joint and tile size
  • joint width 1-6 mm, 20 colours

Kiilto Pro Tile grout is a low-emission M1-classified tile grout for grouting ceramic tiles and clinker as well as other ceramic materials. Joint width 1–6 mm. Joint depth must be 3 mm at the minimum.

Instructions for use

Grouting can be done 5 h – 3 days after the tiling work depending on the adhesive, the substrate and the prevailing conditions.

At the time of grouting the temperature of the subsurface, tile grout and tiles must be above +5 C°. Underfloor heating must be turned off approx. 24 hours before tiling commences and can be turned on ca. 1 week after tiling. Let the tile grout dry at least 24 hours before taking the room/area into use. Not suitable for areas that are permanently under water (for example, swimming pools).

Mixing: 10 kg of Kiilto Pro Tile grout is poured into cold, clean water using an electric stirrer. Let dissolve in water for 10–15 min. and re-stir once again. The mix must be used within 2-3 hours.

Grouting: Spread the mortar with a rubber trowel diagonally over the joints by filling and strongly pressing the joints with mortar. Let dry until the mortar no longer sticks to fingers (wall tiles usually for 15–30 min, floor tiles 30-60 min.) and then clean with a damp sponge. Too early cleaning or excess water may cause discolouring of joints. Dispose of dirty washing water regularly and replace with clean water to get more even joints and to minimise limescale. It is easy to shape and tighten the joints, for example, with a splinter while cleaning. After the mortar has dried, clean the surface with a dry cloth or cotton waste. Moisten the joints with clean water (for example by spraying) after the final cleaning for 1–3 times during the first 24 hours.

For sealing of movement joints, junctures between materials behaving differently (for example corners and inlets) as well as junctures between tiles and other surface materials, use elastic Kiilto Saniteettisilikoni. Note! It is recommended that unglazed tiles are moistened before grouting.

When installing porous tiles, test beforehand to see how the mortar washes off from the tile surface.

Avoid colours that differ greatly from the colour of the tiling. When grouting soap rock or other porous materials, carefully follow the tile manufacturer's instructions.

When grouting tiles with low joints (glass mosaic or wall tiles with faux joints), Kiilto Pro Tile grout improved with Kiilto Strong Saumavahviste can be used, provided that the joint width and depth is 1 mm at the minimum. Choose a light colour, since dark colours in joints of varying depths may differ. We do not recommend jointing of floor tiles with faux joints, since hard wear may result in cracking of the grout. For more detailed instructions, visit

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