Kiilto Super W

White, non-shedding, economical, elastic, light binder tiling compound for laying ceramic tiles. Ideal for installing large tiles. Longer working hours. Also suitable for outdoor use. C2TES1.

Special features

  • light, non-shedding
  • for installing ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, decorative stones and marble tiles
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • C2TES1
  • grouting: walls after 12 hours, floors after 24 hours
  • consumption 1.5-2.2 kg/m²

Super W is a non-shedding, economical, lightweight tiling compound for installing non-moisture-sensitive ceramic tiles and stones on surfaces covered with vinyl, paint, tiles, clinker tiles and other commonly used surfaces, as well as on surfaces treated with Kiilto waterproofing mastic or Kiilto Kerastop waterproofing, e.g. plasterboard. Tiling work can be done without a joint cord. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Not suitable for use on surfaces that are constantly under water (e.g. swimming pools).
The surfaces to be tiled must be clean and dust-free. Remove water-based smoothing and leveling compounds. Dry and absorbent surfaces must be moistened (except tile surfaces). Turn off the underfloor heating approx. 24 hours before tiling. For plastic, painted, tiled and clinker surfaces in tiles, it must be ensured that:
- the surface is strong enough for tiling, - the surface covering material to be tiled is firmly attached to the substrate, - wax, grease and dirt are washed from the substrate to be tiled with an acidic cleaning agent and rinsed properly. When the surface is dry, sand it if necessary and remove the sanding dust.