Non-spillable mixture for installing ceramic and clinker tiles and natural stone on vinyl, painted and tiled surfaces and other common substrates, as well as on surfaces treated with Kiilto waterproofing mastics or Kiilto moisture barrier, including, for example, plasterboard. Also suitable for outdoor use. Not suitable for tiling surfaces that are permanently under water (for example swimming pools). Also suitable for heated floors.
The surfaces to be tiled must be clean and dust-free. Remove moisture-loving finishing and leveling compounds. Dry and absorbent surfaces must be primed with diluted Kiilto Start Primer adhesive dispersion or moistened with water. A non-absorbent substrate, such as building board, must be primed with undiluted Kiilto Start Primer adhesive dispersion. When tiling vinyl, painted and tiled substrates, ensure that the surface is stable and strong enough for tiling and that the surface to be tiled is properly attached to the substrate. Wash off wax, grease and dirt from the substrate to be tiled with an alkaline cleaner and rinse well. When the surface is dry, sand it if necessary and remove the sanding dust. Turn off the underfloor heating approx. 24 hours before tiling.